Studying Latin, be careful!
You can inadvertently cause the Devil. Fire devil.
Love your neighbor
cat loves the kitekat. Jesus on a billboard.
Come to us! Feel like a person!
A crowd of fans.
Fortune smiles
at anyone who risks, and then long and loudly guffaws.
Don't cry, my dear.
They were just kidding about the handbag. A man holds a crocodile.
Difficult choice
leads to the moral devastation. Cat tiredly lies amidst the pile of shoes of the host.
Physics according to biologists.
Once upon a time apples flew from an apple tree in different directions. Those apples that fell into the ground, were giving the offspring. So, as a result of natural selection during billions of years, a gravity has appeared.
The screw which was hammered
Road sign "a spiral motion."
It's time to prescribe glasses.
Table for vision testing in a foreign language.