Yippee! I caught wifi!
Medvedev with cell phone.
Erenow, I was afraid of the dark.
Now I'm afraid of the light, seeing the energy bill. Man looks at the bill with bulging eyes.
September 21. Doomsday.
And how did you spend the day? A street musician playing guitar while standing on his head.
Physics according to biologists.
Once upon a time apples flew from an apple tree in different directions. Those apples that fell into the ground, were giving the offspring. So, as a result of natural selection during billions of years, a gravity has appeared.
Natural VS Natural
Palm tree as a female ass.
The concept of sports car is clear.
Girl flashes her panties when sitting in the car.
If you're beautiful, smart and interesting
but you still have no boyfriend, then it's time to stop believing your mother that you are beautiful, smart and interesting. Dumb blonde.
The staff of the Auschwitz.
The staff at Auschwitz have fun. Photo of World War 2.
They will not lie
Balloon in the form of ass