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This site is free open directory of parody motivational (or sooner demotivational) posters now known as "demotivators".
Demotivators have emerged as a response to System that governs, and accordingly is diligently trying to motivate us. Office
motivating of employees through the visual propaganda in the form of posters, calendars and so on, makes a natural reaction
of normal people. It is irony. Ironic attitude to the calls of "good work" has created a parody of these calls, eventually turned into
Internet memes - Demotivators. The pioneer here is considered to be
Despair, Inc. Demotivators now have firmly taken their
own place in the Internet environment, and have separated out in special category of humor.
To create your own Demotivator is easy. Everything you need for this you have. This is sense of humor and basic skills of
computer genius (i. e. the ability to tell the left mouse button from the right one) and you can start.
one frame poster Colored background, two lines frame Colored background and text, two lines frame
Poster with one line frame
Poster with two lines frame
  and colored background
Poster with colored background
             and colored font
Photo. For the best perfomance, the size of image's side shouldn't be less than 400 pixels. Upload the image with the Title.
Crop image. If you need, select the image area which is going to create a poster and press "Done"
Enter your
explanatory text (caption) in the appropriate box. Remember here, that the brevity is sister of talent.
In the box
"copyright" enter the name of your site, or your name, or the name of your grandmother if she does not mind))
Click "
Renew text" and enjoy your creation. If everything is OK, then download the poster to your computer and/or add it in this
directory for public viewing online.
Please note, the demotivators that you place in the directory, are freely permitted to download, as well as for placement
in any other sites.
If something is wrong as it should - feel free to edit. Change the font size. Change the content of the text, color, form of frame.
The script allows you to express personal creativity.
We hope you will enjoy!