Age does not have authority over her!
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Age does not have authority over her!
A guy said, a guy made.
On March 02 in 2012 you've said "The days of Assad are numbered.
This person, too
is viewing the demotivators about Putin. Putin and Peskov
One does not simply
shoot down the plane and leave no trace.
Well, next couple of terrible initiatives
Prussia is a part of Russia!
In just a year,
he did so much for Russia, that could not be done for thirty years!
If you can not defeat corruption
We've managed
We've managed to build 48 km road for 7.5 billion dollars! "And we are giving our faggots the Orders, Medals and Diplomas!" Putin and Merkel laughing
I have no idea
who we have in Russia all the time keeps stealing and stealing. Putin puzzled shrugs.