Age does not have authority over her!
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Age does not have authority over her!
something is conceived. Arabic man with ice cream.
Where to install democracy yet?
Obama at the computer.
Church, it's not some institution, not an organization
The Catholic Church in Poland will not pay compensation to victims of pedophile priests, because it believes that must do the criminals themselves.
Who is behind the war
he himself does not smell gunpowder. See no dead people, hear no dead people, speak no dead people, smell like success.
I can no longer.
"I'm overwhelmed with gastric juice." "Keep on stroking until the press is gone." Leopards caress the little fawn.
If a man finds himself Napoleon
he is being treated. If a man thinks he is a woman, he is protected.
Submissiveness is sister of tolerance.
Black sleeps on the white guy.
Coming soon.
The soldier catches a grenade tossed up by the terrorists to defuse it.