A guy said, a guy made.
On March 02 in 2012 you've said "The days of Assad are numbered.
The lady in red
The lady in red is dancing for me
Where to install democracy yet?
Obama at the computer.
In just a year,
he did so much for Russia, that could not be done for thirty years!
At a meeting of the UN
the closer Country sits to the United States, the quieter it says "oil" Obama at the United Nations looked back.
Even if you know how to lose
you remain a loser.
What? You don't have democracy?
OK, I'll be there in half an hour with my guys. Obama with a baseball bat on the phone.
Politics is the art of the possible.
Syria will not become a second Iraq! Most likely. Probably. Maybe...
To punish the bad boys
you have to convince everyone that you're a good boy. Obama is playing in the garden with his dog.