There is no point to look
for a place in the parterre, if actors themselves are seeking the viewers.
I've told you that I'll come in five minutes.
Stop calling me every half an hour.
I admit to live with one girl.
But not with one and the same! Eight blondes in bikinis.
Violators on a nudist beach.
Girls in mini bikini on the beach
Only chess can fix the football fans!
Girls in bikinis in the form of chess pieces.
"Something is wrong here"
Sherlock Holmes thought, "but looks nice." Girl in bikini plays hockey
That's how you begin to understand life
Girl on the beach with a chic pigtail with no boobs perfectly flat. Lush hair is not the point.
The path to swimming
for fat loss is closed with fat. Fat guy  on the beach stuck in a lounge chair, and two girls in bikinis trying to help him break free
What kind of asshole
Which one looks more attractive? Asshole comes up with such puzzling questions. Short-distance. Long-distance. Girls in bikinis measure the distance from the crotch to the navel.