In our loony bin
the doctor is one who put on robe the first.
On the question of ergonomics.
The secretary works and sleeps under the table of the boss.
For some reason, the chief loves to say
"This device can perform better" Girl near the copier.
I will make a vacancy out of you!
Boss swears.
the flowers are exactly what I need right now. Chief congratulates the miner.
Right way to have your own opinion.
1. Prepare your own opinion. 2. Dampen it with water. 3. Lie on your left side. Bend the right leg. Insert your own opinion into the anus. Rectum. Your own opinion. 4. Now you'll always have your own opinion!
We said goodbye the bonus.
Today the boss has gathered all of us and dialed everyone's number from his cell phone, listening the tunes that we installed on his calls.
While getting a nice bronze tan
my boss became even more like a shit.
Serve and be fed.
Dog chews a bone.