You don't have a tattoo here.
What does this mean? Girl covered with tattoos.
I am not a romantic.
If I see the smiling girl, I check whether my fly is buttoned. The girl smiles.
When the neighbor's date.
The head sticking out of the tent.
Came. No one is home.
SMS: - No one is home. Will u come? - I will! No one lied.
Girls, beware!
Usually, behind the wheel of the Mercedes S-class there are drivers.
So funny when men say:
girl in nylon with a glass in her hand
If the girl frightens you by test for pregnancy
tester for pregnancy
If he will ask me
The girl in a tracksuit on the bench lifted up her leg above the head. She is sitting next to an old man.
If you're beautiful, smart and interesting
but you still have no boyfriend, then it's time to stop believing your mother that you are beautiful, smart and interesting. Dumb blonde.