Brakes! - Damn Brakes!
The glove compartment in the car looks like a scared face.
What about the girls with iPhones
In the world there are still at least 500,000 cats were not laid out in the net!
Official ministerial box
Prime Minister David Cameron, sleeping next to a secret red suitcase.
Chinese driver
committed a terrible impact on the Canadian cyclist.
What kind of asshole
Which one looks more attractive? Asshole comes up with such puzzling questions. Short-distance. Long-distance. Girls in bikinis measure the distance from the crotch to the navel.
Oh! I remembered!
My wife told me to buy chicken rump. The guy at the supermarket looking at a female ass.
The secret of juice.
I am a plum, purple, ripe and awesome! I am an apricot, from the South brought! We are sweet cherries, brought not from canneries! Mysterious Garbage is my name, any your juices from me came!
Coolest bike!
Only on Saturdays it does not start. Motorcycle with a Jewish Star of David.
Go to hell! Fuck you! I read you fine! A diver prepares to dive.