Canadian referee
is stern but fair. Arbitrator on the football field pulls the collar football player.
Administrative divisions of the bed.
Her pillow, Maybe my pillow, The area she is to sleep, The area I am to sleep, Impact Zone, The area she sleeps in fact, The area I sleep in fact, Cat's area
Everything was alright
"I need your clothes" and "your boots", but "your motorcycle"... Schwarzenegger on a bike
Just show off your tattoo.
Three girls with their pants down.
And then they complain
that the bread becomes more expensive! Lovers man and woman running through a wheat field.
The prose of life.
The teacher asks the children. OK, kids. What sounds we heard today on the farm? Moo! Moo! Cockadoodledoo! Baa, baa... Quack-quack! Get out the tractor you bastard!
And no one will tell her
Girl accidentally pulled up her skirt by the bag.
Doubled standard.
Nice big body woman.
Dad knows
how to induce to make proposal. Man and woman having dinner near the tank.