Just fuck for no particular reason.
You donate iPhone, ask to kiss and fuck instead. It is no good to do so.
All the cats are deep down scum.
Cat licks his balls, and then kisses mistress.
Quite unexpectedly.
Hermione, I need to talk to you. Sorry, Harry, but I love Ron. Me too. Dialogue Harry Potter and Hermione.
He is a bad photographer
who does not dream of becoming a paparazzi. Three girls in tight costumes posing for publicity shots.
In the next life
Bruce was a football player. One player stands, the three lie.
Politics is the art of the possible.
Syria will not become a second Iraq! Most likely. Probably. Maybe...
Ahahah. How ugly!
What an intolerant boy! Naked fagot on the street. The boy looks with disgust at his genitals.
How to get guaranteed
Tips from Pick-up Artist Guru. When talking with a girl, move your pelvis as if you fuck her. Do movements of the tongue and lips as if you kiss her passionately. Move your fingers as if they were already in her vagina. Roar, snarl, murmur: show her you are an animal. Hit in the face with a handbag.
Henry Ford
What if I told you, to stop all the wars in the world it is enough to nationalize the Federal Reserve.