Elementary, my dear Watson.
Ninja it is the art of being invisible, and the Russians just never smile. Russian spy, Japanese ninja with Obama.
Yippee! The booger!
Some people pick their nose, chew with their mouths open, use a pen knife to clean their fingernails in public
A long scrotum
Photo of naked athlete weightlifter. Shadow.
Natural Beauty Ltd
Natural Beauty Ltd is now offering 50% discount for lip augmentation! Girl with huge hair.
Driver inattention
major factor in most traffic crashes in summer. Girl in super mini skirt.
Smile and wave!
I mean, just charmingly wave. Group photo of women in burka.
The girl said
"I have big duck butt" - she joked. You said to the girl, "you have big duck butt" - God rest your soul. Muscular female bodybuilder in the gym.
A sect or a section?
Girls in bikinis bent over.
Just seemed.
A girl in mini bikini sitting on the heel.