In our loony bin
the doctor is one who put on robe the first.
At the nutritionist.
Fat woman doctor sitting at a desk.
X-ray of a woman. It's better not to see them through.
It seems, this is the only book
How to rule universe without attracting the orderly attention.
I am the son of God!
Of course, Jesus! Of course, Thomas! 2000 years ago. In our time. Mental hospital for violent. The patient sits in a straight jacket in a soft room.
The strike of doctors.
Doctors are protesting against something, on the posters says something unintelligible.
This can not be a coincidence.
Wedding ring worn on the finger, from which all the life blood was taken
Fist, do some work.
Nurse measuring blood pressure to patient.
How to rule the world
unnoticeably for nurses. Medics and patients in a madhouse.