Age does not have authority over her!
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Age does not have authority over her!
The Economy is the ominous science...
The first economy in the world, The second economy in the world
Close your eyes. Spin the globe.
Poke a finger and you have two minutes to justify the US national interest.
US budget crisis.
News in Sign language. TV presenter sexually opened her mouth as if sucking.
There are much more surrendered people
people who have defeated. Henry Ford beside the car Ford T.
Give up weapon - give up freedom!
America became America, thanks to the armed citizens. By the way, in ancient Rome, only the slaves had no weapons.
America, do not give up!
Both Russia and the United States are now being killed by the same people without a homeland that killed the Soviet Union. Coat of arms of the Soviet Union, and 15 Soviet republics.
In the age of Aquarius
money spent on a lie, give amazing results. 91% of Americans DON'T WANT WAR WITH SYRIA. Uncle Sam vs Anonimous
That daring Oktoberfest in NY
Hum of life, the beer flows like water. The thundering music and noisy, cheerful crowd.