Choosing and Styling Ready-Made Curtains

Choosing and Styling Ready-Made Curtains

26/04/2023 Off By Sarah Hathaway

Ready-made curtains are an excellent choice for anyone looking for new window dressings. Budget-friendly and convenient, they come with plenty of benefits that make them a wise investment.

Here’s how to choose and style your new ready-made curtains.

Why Ready-Made Curtains Are a Great Purchase

Firstly, let’s discuss why these curtains are useful.

The obvious benefit of ready-made curtains is their affordability. If you compare them to custom-made solutions, you’ll find the latter cost much more.

Ready-made curtains are also available in a plethora of styles, sizes, and colours. You can pair them with your home décor, like existing furniture and wall paint, by selecting a model tailored to your needs.

These curtains match your window dimensions perfectly, much like custom-made curtains. With proper internet research, you can find ready-made curtains that tick all the right boxes, the size included.

Finally, the production of custom-made curtains is much longer compared to ready-made alternatives. If you’re looking for a fast, simple, and beautiful curtain upgrade, ready-made options are your best bet.


Choosing the Right Ready-Made Curtains

Consider the factors below to help find the ideal curtains for your home:

  • Before making a purchase, take proper measurements of your window. Get the exact length and width for a perfect fit.
  • Although less customisable compared to custom-made curtains, ready-made options still come in plenty of styles. Complement your home décor by selecting matching patterns and elements. You can choose between vintage, bohemian, minimalist, traditional, modern, and many more.
  • Ready-made curtains are constructed from different materials, like polyester, cotton, linen, silk, or velvet. The style and usage of curtains determine the material. If you want to invite additional light to the room, go with more transparent options. For added privacy, choose cotton.
  • The variety of colours of ready-made curtains means you can select the best option to achieve any visual effect you want. Make your room look brighter, larger, smaller, or more colourful by making the right choice of curtain colour.
  • Hanging method. Do you want your curtains to hang from tracks, a rod, or clips?
  • Different types of curtain materials require different maintenance. Go with solutions that meet your needs and preferences. Most curtains can be washed in cold water with mild detergent. You can also vacuum them to remove dirt and debris.
  • Finally, look for curtains that are within your price range to avoid overspending. It’s easy to splurge on beautiful designs, so be mindful of the cost.

Styling Ready-Made Curtains

If you aren’t sure how to incorporate ready-made curtains into your home décor, here are some tips to get you started.

Match the Patterns

Curtains can invite fresh air into any interior. Mix and match colours and patterns with your existing décor for a fully personalised and unique styling. You can find style ideas on Pinterest or Google or by reading home interior magazines.

Layer the Curtains

A great way to add a more dramatic effect to your interior design is to layer the curtains. Use solutions made of different materials, textures, and patterns. Hang heavy drapes and place sheer curtains on top of them for added dimension to the windows. Again, the internet is packed with layering ideas for any budget.

Fit the Curtains with the Room’s Function

An important tip to remember is to install curtains in a way that matches the room’s function. For example, if you want to add more privacy to your bedroom, get custom-made curtains made of cotton or another heavy material. Don’t go with options that add more natural light and noise.

Use the Right Accessories

Accessories can dramatically change the appearance of curtains. Add tassels, tiebacks, trimmings, valances, and similar elements for the final touch. These accessories will keep your curtains in place, create draping effects, and serve as a subtle decorative complement to the overall design.

Getting Ready for Your Next Ready-Made Curtain Purchase

Ready made curtains are an affordable and easy way to give your interior a brand-new look. Knowing how to choose and style your new curtains can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful purchase. Fortunately, the tips above should be enough to get you started. Don’t forget to explore as many different options as you can so you can make a better-informed purchase.