Decoding Safest Ways to Protect Home from Water Damage

Decoding Safest Ways to Protect Home from Water Damage

27/09/2023 Off By Sarah Hathaway

Water damage in homes poses a significant risk, leading to property damage and financial loss. It can lead to issues like black mold, drywall deterioration, and structural damage. Preventative measures by the professional water damage restoration company Frisco can help avoid the costly consequences of addressing water damage. Remember that water damage can result from various sources, including pipe leaks. Although homeowner’s insurance typically covers sudden damage but not negligence-related damage.

5 Surefire Ways to Prevent Water Damage to Home

Encountering major or minor water issues can lead to substantial damage. Investing time and resources in maintenance by water damage restoration company Frisco offers financial security and peace of mind. Following these steps guarantees year-round home protection from water damage.

  1. Proactively inspect for leaks

Minor leaks may go unnoticed but can cause significant damage when addressed. It is important to note that a leaking faucet can displace as much as 57 gallons of water in a week. One should inspect the areas beneath sinks and around household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines for any indications of water leakage.

  1. Know how and where to shut off the main pipelines

In the event of a sudden pipe burst within one’s residence, it becomes imperative to possess the knowledge required to cease the water supply promptly. Typically, turning off the water main is the appropriate course of action to halt the water flow. Individuals can take the necessary steps to obtain complimentary water main shut-off tags. Familiarity with the location and procedure for shutting off the water supply is paramount.

  1. Monitor Water Pressure

It is crucial to use a readily available water pressure gauge from local hardware stores, attach it to an outdoor faucet, and fully open it to measure household water pressure. High water pressure can strain pipes, risking failure. If the reading exceeds a certain level, install a pressure regulator to lower it to a safe level from the main water line.

  1. Take the necessary steps to prevent freezing

Many professional companies advise using a smart thermostat to maintain a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, even during absences, to prevent freezing damage. When a property is unoccupied for an extended period, shut off the water supply at the stopcock and consider draining the plumbing system to avoid water accumulation in the pipes.

  1. Water drains must be away from the home

The issue of seepage is intensified when the soil settles in a manner that directs water toward the structure. Following a storm, particularly in situations where the ground is already saturated, rainwater that converges towards the building can travel down the exterior of the foundation wall, potentially infiltrating any existing cracks.


Water damage often commences as a minor issue. Yet, its unchecked progression can evolve into a formidable array of challenges for a homeowner, ultimately resulting in expensive repair and replacement endeavors. When observing a leak or any form of questionable damage, it is imperative to address and rectify the situation or choose water damage restoration company Frisco promptly or, alternatively, seek the services of a reliable contractor.